Fennome Bites
Chocolate Plunge
Double Decadence

Luxurious Moments

Box of 4 packets of fennome pastry ( apricot, strawberry, raspberry); 2 boxes of iLola tea, and a tea filter

Precious Moments

fennome pastries on a plate with hot tea and sugar

Pastry Bites

bite size fennome pastries

Grande Singles

closeup shot of fennome pastries

Box of Indulgence Pastry Trios

close up of fennome pastry with a raspberry truffle in the background


three different flavors of fennome pastry: apricot, strawberry, and raspberry

Chocolate Pastry Plunge

a fennome pastry being dipped into chocolate syrup

New! Gift Cards

image of an all occasion gift card

Heirzoom Bakery…
Heirloom recipes made easy!

Heirzoom Bakery brings back memories, flavors, textures and aromas that filled our kitchens of days gone by. We hand-craft Hungarian pastry called fennome.

 Fennome are swirls of rich, buttery Hungarian pastry dough slathered with our luscious fruit jams – apricot, raspberry and strawberry, then dusted with a delicate crunch of demerara cane sugar and baked to golden brown.   The name was inspired by the Hungarian word “finom” which means delicious, elegant, and tasty. Always made the old-fashioned way without artificial ingredients, colors, flavors, or preservatives of any kind.

Heirzoom Bakery…We take you back to a place almost forgotten.  Savor the Memory!

Hand-crafted, Made in the USA, Small Batch, Woman-Owned, Vegetarian, Clean Label

What People Are Saying

Hungarian Pastry Testimonials

"It’s like eating a wonderful song!" ~ Andre

Hungarian Pastry Testimonials

"Wow, I remember my grandma made something like this,
but I haven’t had it in years!" ~ Jim

Hungarian Pastry Testimonials

"Crisp, soft, melt-in-your-mouth, buttery and decadent!" ~ Tammy

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